Every wedding has it's own story , the time has come to create your own.

For the most unique day of your lives we channel our creativity and imagination into organizing a wedding exclusively for you.

To achieve this we create a motif and theme based on your personal desires and sense of style.

We are a team of people who have a long and successful presence in wedding and baptism planning and decoration. Our expertise has been honed over the years resulting in an end product that is 100% hand- crafted and customized to each of our clients' wishes. Each wedding becomes an unique event that cannot be replicated.

You are our inspiration. Our passion lies in creating amazing experiences and memorable events for you and your guests.

We work with you to create magic and glamour; our mission goes beyond finding the best suitable suppliers for you. Even if you already have your own, you will get a fresh perspective on your wedding thanks to our unique eye for design and our strong logistic and coordination background.

You want to feel assured that your wedding planners completely understand your needs and share your vision.

You will be guided through the process of turning your dreams into reality. At each step, we will work with you, helping you to make informed decisions along the way.